Laughter is the Best Medicine

There it was, in the newsletter from one of our UU congregations. A short notice, that left lots of things unsaid.

“There will be no Laughter Therapy classes in March. I must take a few classes to keep my teacher’s license updated. Judy”

I was left wondering. Laughter Therapy classes — those sound fun. Are they like those videos I’ve seen, where one person starts laughing and others join in and soon everyone is rolling on the floor? Do they start with giggles and proceed to guffaws? How many people participate, and how often?

 And then — “I must take a few classes to keep my teacher’s license updated.” Is the license for the Laughter Therapy classes, or for some other kind of teaching? If “Judy” is a classroom teacher in the public schools, does she include laughter as part of the daily class schedule? What do the kids think?

 Is this the only congregation in our District that offers Laughter Therapy classes? Or is this a trend that I’m really behind on? Should we recommend them to other congregations? Perhaps every committee and Board meeting could start with a five-minute laughing session. Would that get things off to a good start?

I think I need to meet this “Judy” and learn more. We could all use more levity, especially in these March days before Spring really arrives in the North.


2 Responses to “Laughter is the Best Medicine”

  1. Phil on the Prairie Says:

    Very funny…I love it!

  2. Rev. Roger Mohr Says:

    Judy’s Laugh Therapy group was a big hit here, folks seemed to have a great time and get a lot out of, as well. Great stuff!

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