Why They Come to Church

I attended the Sunday service at one of our churches yesterday. I was in Sioux Falls, visiting family members. All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church has recently moved to a new location — Dow Rummel Village, a complex for retired people. The church is renting the chapel for their service and a couple of the meeting rooms for the church school classes. The service was led by their Consulting Minister, Rev. Dillman Baker Sorrells, who complimented them on the wonderful new facility. The space is lovely – a large room, brick walls, a vaulted ceiling with wood beams, comfortable chairs, and  high stained glass windows on the east which refracted their colorful images onto the brick as the sun moved in and out of the clouds.

Dillman asked congregants to write answers to this question: why do you come to church? There were many thoughtful replies — to be with like-minded people; to have companionship as I go on my spiritual journey; for intellectual stimulation and interesting conversation; so my children can have religious education; to have help as I try to live out my values; to gain strength for the other six days of the week; to see the people I’ve come to care for.

As Dillman reminded us, we’re not a church that has all the answers. We are people who are content to live with ambiguity.

 We know our way in religion is not right for everyone. I know that there are more people, though, who would be interested in what we have to offer, ambiguity and all. With this move to Dow Rummel, All Souls has made a commitment to an accessible, large space. It has room enough to welcome many more who might be seeking what their members have already found — for all the reasons they come to church.


2 Responses to “Why They Come to Church”

  1. Phil on the Prairie Says:

    Sounds great! I can’t wait to visit Sioux Falls and All Souls again.

  2. Nancy Heege Says:

    Yes, they are proud of their new space!

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