Read this! It will make your day!

I just have to tell you about this. This UU congregation is doing so many things, it’ll make your head spin and your heart glad!

I just finished reading the May newsletter for First Unitarian Church of Des Moines, IA. I am blown away!

The church is in the middle of a construction project, which is challenging their congregation in so many ways. The latest news is that they cannot safely have the children in classrooms, so they are having everyone in the sanctuary on Sundays. Is this stopping them? No! Here is just a sample of what they’re doing and planning. Read the details at and click on newsletter, and read the May edition.

 Their UU Service Committee team is hosting a 24-hour drumming vigil for Darfur at a public plaza this month. Their children made 279 paper dolls as part of a Darfur paper doll project. The dolls will be collected with more than 400,000 others from around the country and forwarded to Senator Barak Obama.

Over 400 people attended a Commitment Sunday canvass event at a local college auditorium. The energy was like that at a church revival!

The leaders are planning a “MORE (for the future)” process which will unfold over the next 9 months. [MORE stands for Ministry of Reflection and Engagement.] This Appreciative Inquiry process will bring members into groups to share stories of their life together as a church community, and to think about what they might become in the years ahead.

In March, the children filled a minivan full of baby and food items, school and cleaning supplies for a local agency.

Let’s all celebrate with this vibrant church community! I’m looking forward to the building dedication sometime in the fall!


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