Another Great Idea from One of our Congregations

I attended the Sunday service at First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis yesterday and witnessed a powerful ceremony of accomplishment and acknowledgement. Three children were recognized as new Chalice Lighters by the Minister, Rev. Dr. Kendyl Gibbons, and the Religious Education Director Jan Devor.

As part of their preparation, these third graders studied about the flaming chalice, symbol of our faith. They also learned about the UU principles. During the ceremony, each read aloud one of the principles that has special meaning for him/her. Each received a chalice pin, and the minister spoke to each child separately, noting the child’s role in keeping our faith strong into the future.  Each child lit the congregation’s chalice in turn. [The chalice was extinguished in between, as they took their turns.]

It was a memorable moment when they received the acknowledgement of the congregation for their completion of the program! Because this took place during the time when all the children were present in the service, other, younger children can look forward to a day when they could be similarly recognized.

To find out more about this program, contact Jan Devor at First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis 


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