Universalist Minister on Trial for Heresy? Yes, it happened!

Yesterday I attended the Midwestern premiere of a new video called Heresy at Saint Anthony Falls. It tells the fascinating story of a Universalist minister who was tried for heresy in Minneapolis in the 1800’s. You can see a promo for the video at http://www.psduua.org/Events/BringingOurHistoryToLife  

The video was produced by the Prairie Star District Heritage and Archives Committee, with financial help from the UUA’s  Fund for Unitarian Universalism and the Prairie Star District. Another video, which tells the story of the Mabel Tainter Theater in Menomonie, WI, will be finished shortly.

The videos will be the centerpiece of two workshops being offered this fall. At the workshop, the Heritage and Archives Committee will encourage congregations to record their own history, to tell the stories of their congregational life and key  leaders. For information about the workshops, go to http://www.psduua.org/Events/BringingOurHistoryToLife 

The Committee is looking for ways to distribute the video, to make it available for congregations to use in their programming, as part of their lifespan religious education programs, or for use in classes for newcomers and potential members. As Rev. Stefan Jonasson says in the promo, “It’s important to begin the task now to tell the tales we know and the tales that we remember from others so that we can hand off to future generations, and as important to hand off to our neighbors and friends today, the vivid, varied, and rich tales of our liberal religious heritage.”

I hope your congregation will be sending a team of people to one of these workshops this fall so you can think of stories that you will want to share.


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