On the Road Again

On the road again – just can’t wait to get on the road again! [Apologies to Willie.]

This weekend Phil [our Lifespan Program Director] and I are on the road to Kansas, where we’ll be meeting with about twenty people to discuss possibilities for a UU camp experience in the southern part of Prairie Star. We’ve rented a very large cabin at a UCC camp near Council Grove, and we’re taking our own cook extraordinaire, Jeannie, with us.

A southern camp has been part of the Vision 2010 for the District for some time. This conversation will get the ball rolling.

We have a camp in northern Minnesota. Its capacity is limited and it’s sometimes got a waiting list, and it’s five hours north of the Twin Cities – both factors in our thinking about starting a conversation about something farther south.

We’ll start our weekend by asking folks to talk about camp experiences [UU and non-UU] that they can remember from their past. Then we’ll go on to dream a little about what we could do and begin to discuss some of the choices – rent another camp or have our own facility? by a lake or river? what kinds of programming would we want?

I don’t think we’ll be making any final decisions this weekend, but an exploration of the ideas will begin, and we’ll develop a plan to continue the conversation. We know there are lots of people who are interested in what we’re doing, and we’ll find ways to report out as we go.

So this morning, I’m packing up my CDs and my sleeping bag and pillow, and we’ll be on our way! On the road again – just can’t wait to get on the road again. The life I love is talking UU with my friends, and I can’t wait to get on the road again.


2 Responses to “On the Road Again”

  1. John Blevins Says:

    I do wish you all well, on the road again, down there (or rather down here!) in Council Grove. I’m sorry I can’t be with you all. A southern district camp has great potential to provide new gateways to fun and collaboration among us!

    Safe travels,
    John (currently with family in Waco, TX, celebrating several family passages)

  2. Nancy Heege Says:

    Hey, John. The weekend planning session went well, and the people present were enthusiastic about the possibilities. We’ll have a report out soon.

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