Running at Full Speed

Well, it’s the Season-Between-Air-Conditioning-and-Turning-on-the-Furnace. At least it is here in Minnesota. And the church year has started, and it’s full speed ahead. Although there’s a tendency to want to spend these golden days outside while we still can [especially because they’re predicting Snow Flurries Up North!], the phone messages and emails await the attention of your handy-dandy District Executive.

When you have a minute, go to and read the “13 Steps to Start Your Church Year Strong” by our colleague Tandi Rogers Koerger. She’s an entertaining writer and she’s dead on in her assessment of what our congregations should be doing this week. Yay, Tandi!

Most of our congregations now have services all year round, but even so, September rolls around and it’s when we can expect visitors and guests, as well as familiar faces we haven’t seen since May. As Tandi says, “Let’s give the bathrooms the sniff test” and be ready for them.

Take care, and have a great weekend!


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