Down the roller coaster, at lightning speed!

Wow – it’s mid-October already, and I’m barely keeping up. This fall has been extraordinarily busy, and things keep popping up all the time. I have just enough time to take a deep breath before starting something new!

Our new national media campaign started with a full page ad in Time magazine earlier this month. To help congregations get ready, Phil Lund and I did two one-hour workshops online — 10 Top Things You Can Do NOW To Welcome Visitors. As part of that conversation, Phil created an extensive list of resources so that participants could dig more deeply into them after the workshop. If you would like that list, email him at  and say you want the list of URLs on welcoming visitors. We learned a lot by doing these first-ever online workshops and will be offering more, with better technology, later in the year. [Phil did most of the work to put on the workshop – thanks, Phil!!]

Association Sunday was this past weekend. We are grateful to the 30+ congregations that told us they planned to participate. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the connections that exist among our congregations. The UUA has announced that the money raised will be doubled by some generous donors. Here’s how it will break out: 50% will be used for the media campaign; 25% will be used to support ministers of color and their congregations; and 25% will be coming back to districts, proportionate to the money raised in those districts, to be used for congegational growth-related projects. In November, our District Board will begin the discussion about how to distribute the money that comes back to us here in Prairie Star.

Sarah Greene, our District Administrator, worked diligently to get our first email newsletter out to people last week. If you did not receive it, go to our Web site at  You can read it there and also subscribe to future issues. We’ve had lots of positive comments; thanks, and we know it will be even better as we have more experience with it.

In the last month, I’ve had inquiries from people in western Kansas and in southern Iowa about starting new UU fellowships there. The question is usually the same — “there are a few of us around here who would like to get a group going. We’re just a few liberals in a very conservative area, but we’d like to find out if there are more people who would be interested. Can you help us?” Yes, we can, and perhaps that will be the topic of my next blog entry.

Thanks to all who are providing leadership for their congregations! It is deeply appreciated!

Time for another deep breath, and on to the next thing!


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