A Companion for the Journey

Yesterday I attended the commencement ceremony for the CPE [Clinical Pastoral Education] students at Fairview Hospital in Minneapolis. Two Unitarian Universalists were recognized for their participation. Dawn Cooley is doing a year-long CPE residency at the Southdale hospital, and Rev. Ann Galloway-Egge is working toward certification as a supervisor for chaplaincy students.

The importance of the work of a chaplain came through loud and clear as Dawn and another student talked about their experiences working with patients. Having a companion for the journey through illness, old age, or the death of a loved one helps assure that someone is there to listen and to understand. And, perhaps, the patient and the family can gain some peace of mind or acceptance of their situation.

In Prairie Star District, we have more than twenty UU Community Ministers out in the world, doing the work of justice, chaplaincy, teaching.  Thanks to all for your good work!


One Response to “A Companion for the Journey”

  1. John Blevins Says:

    Another nice piece Nancy. I found it moving.

    I’m in KY tonight, on my home from a full, energizing 2 days with the leaders of several denominations, and all 4 organizers, and some funders to explore deeper collaboration among us to build power.
    It will be interesting to watch things develop.

    Happy holidays,

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