Happy Holidays!

It’s sunny and bright here in Minneapolis today. With a temperature in the 30’s [F], we expect to see snow melting into puddles. Later today and into tomorrow, however, the forecaster is telling us to expect a “wintry mix.” Those of you who live in the southern part of Prairie Star District know that a “wintry mix” means rain mixed with sleet mixed with snow, depending on fluxuations of temperature high in the atmosphere and down near the streets and sidewalks. Not fun, if you have places to go and people to see! Time to get out the Ice Melt!

Wherever you may live, and whatever kind of weather you’re expecting, I hope you’ll have some time for relaxation over the next two weeks — and  some time to reflect on your life and your values. We’re encouraged to think about mid-course corrections at this time of year, of course, by the prevalence of hints about making New Years Resolutions. And we don’t need to be limited to doing these assessments at this time of year, necessarily, but the beginning of a new calendar year does give us a good excuse to think about it.

So I’ll be spending some time with family, enjoying the energy of our grandchildren and adult children and their significant others, as well as my parents and my husband’s parents. I’ll also be thinking  and reflecting as I knit and as I walk [wintry mix or not!]. Are there things I want to work on, in the next year? Another spiritual practice to explore, besides the morning “family faces visualization” that I do regularly? The possibilities are out there, just waiting!

Happiness to you in the days ahead, and a good and fulfilling New Year, too!


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