It’s January, and a new series begins!

As a new, occasional feature of this blog, I’ll be sharing some favorite Web sites created for UU congregations in Prairie Star District. Here’s one to look at. It’s the web site of Minnesota Valley UU Fellowship in Bloomington, Minnesota.  You can find it here:     and here’s why I like it.

One — our UU values are stated right up front. “We are a Green Sanctuary candidate. We are a Peace Site. We are a Welcoming Congregation.” And those statements are links that take you to the explanations, with photos!

Two — right in the middle of the screen, you see “Welcome, Visitors” with a short explanation about the congregation being in transition and a statement welcoming newcomers, with a commitment to meeting their needs.

Three – as you scroll down, the next thing you see is the Sunday schedule, with links to the current Sunday service topics and other program information. Again, the heading is “Join Us on Sunday,” which is hospitable and inviting.

Four – there is a wealth of information on this site, including a section on the sidebar that says, “What’s the Latest [the newest information that’s been added] and the Best”

. There are photos of the staff members and sections written by the interim minister, the director of religious education, the minister of music, and so on.

By exploring this web site, you could learn much more about the congregation than you could just by visiting on Sunday morning. Indeed, that’s probably one of thoughts behind the web site — that the newcomer who looks over the web site will have the opportunity to do some self-selecting before getting in the car to drive to a Sunday service.

At the bottom of the page, there are links to directions and a calendar. I noticed that updates were made to the site just today.

This is very well done and represents a terrific commitment by the Webmaster and all who provide the information that goes on it. I’m impressed! 


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