2nd in Web site series

Here’s the second in an occasional series about Web sites that I like, from among those of congregations in Prairie Star District. It’s the Web site for Blue Hills UU Fellowship in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. Founded in 1981, this congregation has just over 50 adult members. The Web site can be found here: http://www.bluehillsuu.org/  I like their colorful logo, which dominates the page. I think the home page could be improved by adding the congregation’s location [city and state] right there, too.

Note that the vital information is all there — a place to click for the map and directions; a place for Visitors to find information about the congregation; a link to the current newsletter; and an implicit statement about UU values in the section called Green Living (Order a reusable bag here.) When you click on that link, it takes you to a very long list of ideas for sustainable living. It’s clear they are concerned about environmental issues, and they give practical ideas about how to work on those issues.

The religious education page has a list of the goals and objectives of the program, with a section about the Peace Pole, which you’re invited to look for when you drive to the Fellowship Building. My only complaint about this page is that it lists some possible youth projects — for 2004! This page needs an update!

The Blue Hills Fellowship attracts people from several small towns in northern Wisconsin. Some drive up to an hour to get to church on Sunday. I salute them for their Web site, which is welcoming and has a number of photos which give the flavor of their gatherings and services. Well done! Thanks for being a vital presence for religious liberals in northern Wisconsin!


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