A Dry Spell in Blog Land

It has been a long winter in Minnesota. And yesterday, in a cruel pre-April-Fool’s-Day joke, we received seven inches of snow! Last week I caught a cold and cough, like so many other people. Viruses and germs multiply like — well, like germs and viruses — during the winter here, because we spend so much time cooped up together, indoors, breathing each others’ air. So I caught a cold and cough and it’s settled in my sinuses, so this week I feel like I’m operating at about half my usual pace.

All this is by way of an apology. It’s been a long winter, and I’ve been in the midst of a dry spell in my writing for this blog. I haven’t known what to write, so I haven’t written anything.

There are blogs I read every day. The blogs I read every day are about knitting. And these women [and one man] write about their kids and their books and their frustrations and joys with their knitting projects and about everything else. I love to check in with them when I get home from the office every day, and I’m always disappointed when several days or a week goes by without a new entry.

So today’s entry is just to say — hello! I’m still here. I’ve been “under the weather,” as well as “under 7 inches of snow,” but I’m still here. The sun is shining, the snow will melt, and Spring will arrive in Minnesota. I’ll get inspired again, and I’ll write again. We DO believe in resurrection, don’t we?


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