Green Construction Garners Publicity for UU Congregation

The congregation in Wichita, Kansas, got some nice publicity when they moved into their new building this spring. A reporter from the local newspaper, the Wichita Eagle, did a feature article on the “green” elements of the building. The March 20 article included two large photos showing the energy-efficient windows and the ductwork placed inside the rooms, rather than beneath the roof. The accompanying text mentioned the recyclable carpet and the congregation’s plan to purchase chairs made from renewable plant-based materials.

Letting the local press know about new developments in your congregation is one way of inviting positive publicity for your church or fellowship. You can send this news out in the form of a press release, and it can feature a new program, a lecture series, a new class for children, or, in the case of First Unitarian Universalist Church of Wichita, the “green” aspects of their new construction.

The article didn’t mention the connection between the “green” construction and our seventh principle about “the interdependent web of all existence,” but we hope the average reader learned more about the values of Unitarian Universalists through the “green” choices that were made.

What is your congregation doing that could be announced to a wider audience?


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