Going Green in the North Country

Earlier this month, I was present for the Building Dedication for the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Duluth [MN].  UUA President Bill Sinkford spoke at the dedication.
UU Congregation of Duluth

Bill is pictured with Duluth’s Interim Minister, Rev. Sally Hamlin.

The congregation has worked for several years to undertake this large building project and are to be celebrated for their commitment to “green” principles. What a magnificent building! The building has an indoor garden, where plants, shrubs, and trees provide humidity and help purify the air.

UU Congregation of Duluth

UU Congregation of Duluth

It has a parking lot under the building, to reduce the size of the footprint on the site.

UU Congregation of Duluth

It has native grasses on the roof, which will capture the rain and let the water evaporate.

It has on-demand water heaters and a high temperature dishwasher [that uses hot water, rather than chemicals, to clean the dishes].

It has eleven air conditioners and eleven furnaces, so temperature can be controlled in different zones.

The designs in the high windows are reminiscent of the birch trees outside.
UU Congregation of Duluth

Here’s the sanctuary.
UU Congregation of Duluth

There’s more information about the building and photos of the Building Dedication on their Web site: http://www.uuduluth.org/index.htm

If you’re in Duluth, be sure to stop by to see this great new facility, which will serve their congregation and their community well, for many years to come.



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