Topeka Congregation Featured in News Article

Our congregation in Topeka, Kansas, got some very nice coverage in a recent article in the local newspaper. See it here:
I like the article because it is upbeat and begins by reporting the story of the young families currently being attracted to the congregation and then tells how the congregation is responding to this growth. Other aspects of congregational life — how to live sustainably, their welcoming of BGLT people, their selling of Fair Trade products, their excellent minister and staff — are highlighted. It will be easy for anyone reading the article to figure out just what Unitarian Unitarians are all about.
I also checked out the congregation’s Web site, and it’s very good. If people read the newspaper article and then look at the fellowship’s Web site, they’ll find current information about programming, and a visitor’s page that tells what to expect at a Sunday service; what resources are available for children, youth, and adults; details about their location, with directions; and suggestions for finding a convenient place to park. There’s also a section about the plans for their building expansion, which was referred to in the newspaper article. Find their Web site here:
Well done, Topeka!

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