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Who Says Hoosiers Can’t Be Converted?

December 19, 2008

Our resident Hoosier, Lifespan Faith Director Phil Lund, is on the way to becoming a true Minnesotan. Look at that plate of lutefisk that he was ready to dig into at our Christmas lunch yesterday! And he finished every bite! Way to go, Phil!

Phil at the Christmas Lunch

Happy holidays, everyone!


Black Friday and UU Values: Making Yourself Known

December 1, 2008

Unity Church-Unitarian [Saint Paul MN] received wonderful publicity over the weekend for their Black Friday project. There were articles on the front page of the St. Paul Pioneer Press on Friday and on Saturday, an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune business section on Saturday, and a feature on KARE-TV 11, which got picked up by CNN and went national. In this way, many, many people learned about this congregation’s commitment to the challenges posed by commercialization, debt, frantic pace, unrealistic expectations, stress, and more.

According to the Star Tribune, nearly 300 people gathered in the sanctuary at Unity to explore the pressures of our society in regard to the Christmas season. The program on Friday morning featured a story for children “The Man Who Loved His Hats Too Much” [and photos of the children were prominent in the press coverage]. The program also included music, conversation, and a talk by Kevin Kling, nationally known playwright and storyteller. Parents of young children were interviewed for the newspaper articles and feature on television.

This program is part of the church’s UU Christmas Reclamation Project, which began with a meeting a year ago facilitated by Bill Doherty [church member, well known author of books on family life, and member of the family social services faculty at the University of Minnesota]. Read more about the process they used in Unity’s December newsletter. See page 10

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