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Why Take an Online Workshop?

January 9, 2009

My colleague Phil Lund has just written a blog post that’s titled “How to Take an Online Workshop.” It’s a very helpful introduction for people who want to participate in our series of workshops jointly sponsored by Central Midwest, Heartland, and Prairie Star Districts. Since August, we’ve had monthly workshops, the same topic offered twice, on a variety of topics. Click here to view Phil’s post:

And click here to find out about upcoming workshops: and

But some might wonder why one would choose to take on online workshop. Here are three good reasons:
1. to get some new information that might be helpful to your congregation;
2. to learn from both workshop leaders and other participants — all of whom are experienced in their own congregations; and
3. because you can sit at home, with a cup of coffee or cocoa at your side, in your jammies — without having to travel beyond the doors of your own home — no gasoline required; no travel time required.

That’s about as painless as leadership training can be, don’t you think?