The Pumpkin Patch

Over the weekend, I heard about the coolest project that one of our congregations is doing — one that will raise the visibility of the congregation in their community, benefit the local food bank, and involve all ages in the fun. Here’s the scoop.

Second Unitarian Church in Omaha Nebraska planted an organic pumpkin patch on their lawn last spring. This fall they’re having a Fall Festival and will sell the pumpkins, with all proceeds going to the local food bank.

The children were involved; they planted the pumpkin seeds during a ritual that invited them to give the seeds something of themselves by holding the organic seeds in their mouths, in their hands, blowing on them, and holding them up to be warmed in the sunlight before putting them into the soil. The ritual was designed by an organic gardener/mentor for the project.

The pumpkins were planted on the lawn using a no-till, permapatch gardening method. Volunteers watered the pumpkin plants this summer, using water gathered in the church’s new rain barrel, supplemented by water from the tap.

Neighbors will be invited to the Festival, along with another church in the area. Signs inviting the public to attend have been placed on the lawn.

This is the first annual Harvest Festival, and the church will use this as one of their projects for Green Sanctuary certification. To learn more about this and see their wonderful photos, go to:


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